My interest in photography started in 1974 when I was a teenager in Salt Lake City, Utah. I had a friend with a darkroom who taught me about black and white images. In 9th grade I took a photography class in school which turned into a life time love for photography.

In 1977 I bought an Olympus OM-1 which I used for many years. I earned money for college as a freelance photographer, and while in college I worked as a staff photogrpher. During the college years I shot several weddings for friends and did other work as well.

I’ve always enjoyed sports and photography, and decided in early 2004 to start IdahoSportsPics with Jim Larson. My hope is that you will enjoy the event photos as much as I enjoy taking them. If you find one or two you like, please purchase them to help support our expenses.

You may notice that I shoot a lot of Mountain View sports. Why? My son goes to Mountain View and plays soccer, he is the goalie – you might see a few shots of him on these pages. His friends participate in other sports, so it is a natural place for me to capture the young athlete in action. This doesn’t mean I’m not intersted in shooting other events, just ask me and I’ll be happy to come shoot your event.